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Meet Our CEO

Akihito Nakada, CEO

Showa Yakuhin Kako Co., Ltd. has occupied a large share of the dental pharmaceutical market until now, and it has positioned itself as the leading company in the dental pharmaceutical sector.

In October 2016, GC Corporation, a company that commands the No. 1 share in dental material and equipment segments, acquired all of our company's common shares. From here on, we intend to combine the technologies and trust that Showa Yakuhin Kako has built as a dental pharmaceutical manufacturer, with GC's overwhelming presence in the global dental market, and offer dental pharmaceutical products that our users all over the world can, more than ever, use with peace of mind.

Our new business development efforts will focus on two key areas.
First is the promotion of at-home dental care. The number of patients receiving at-home care for cancer and other diseases is expected to increase in the future. There will also be a growing need for at-home dental care since anticancer drug treatment often induces periodontal diseases, oral candidiasis, and other dental side effects. Along with supplying treatment drugs, we will develop portable therapeutic devices to support the spread of at-home dental care.

Second is the promotion of links between medical and dental healthcare through the treatment of periodontal diseases as a systemic condition. Reports published in recent years have shown that periodontal disease causes diabetes and vice versa. It is suggested that early detection and treatment of each of these diseases, and its long-term management, have the potential to help prevent their symptoms from becoming severe.

Research also suggests that periodontal disease may cause systemic conditions such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. While playing a bridging role between dentistry and internal medicine, we hope to develop the necessary drugs and therapeutic devices to help establish the therapeutic processes of periodontal diseases that include systemic conditions, with the goal of reducing various risks that patients face concerning periodontal disease.
By turning these two activities like two wheels of a cart, we hope to contribute to the future of dental care.
Chewing and eating of food are a fundamental, irreplaceable pleasure of people. It is our sincere hope to make Showa Yakuhin Kako a company that continues to support dental care and develop new therapeutic fields, thereby enhancing patients' QOL, and assisting them to live happy, healthy lives as long as possible.

Thank you for your continued support and guidance, and we look forward to serving you again.

Akihito Nakada, President and CEO