Showa Yakuhin Kako Co., Ltd.


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Business Vision

As a specialty pharma company in the field of dental care, Showa Yakuhin Kako looks to improve patient QOL and contribute to the future of healthcare.
We will focus our efforts in two areas to contribute to the future of dental care:

1 Promoting at-home dental care

We expect long-term care for cancer and other conditions to be provided in the patient's home in the future.
There will also be growing needs for at-home dental care, because anticancer treatment depresses immune function and can result in side effects in the mouth.
We are committed to developing and providing products to meet these new medical needs.

2 Promotion of medical-dental collaborations for periodontal diseases and systemic conditions

It is believed that periodontal diseases may cause systemic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cerebrovascular diseases. Collaborations between dentists and medical specialists are needed to establish therapeutic processes of periodontal diseases that take systemic conditions into consideration.
Showa Yakuhin Kako aims to make use of the broad-ranging network it has built to mediate such medical-dental collaborations.